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Interesting Links
  • Brazilian Guitar Forum - the best online forum for musicians interested in Brazilian guitar music. The moderator of the forum Eugenio states:"This forum was created to stimulate debates, promotion, appreciation and cultural awareness of the Brazilian guitar around the world."
    As the members participating in the forum are not only newcomers to this popular music genre, but also many famous musicians, this forum has soon become a real treasury of information about interpretation, techniques and generally about everything concerning the guitar music of Brazil. Recommended!
  • Baden Powell - Brazilian Guitar Biography, Discography of this great brazilian composer and guitarist. Also free Tab/Notation downloads (Tab, Midi, Pdf).
  • Loronix - voted the best music blog of 2007, Loronix promotes forgotten music not commercially available. If you are looking for some rare and old recordings of Brazilian Jazz, Samba, Bossa Nova and instrumental music from the 50's, 60's and 70's - (at present time nobody uodates the site)
  • Daniella Thompson on Brazil The magazine of Brazilian music & culture - always fresh updates of what's going on in Brazilian music scene. Recommended.
  • A Agenda do Samba & Choro (in portuguese only) - a great resource site for friends of Samba & Choro music. Music of Dilermando Reis, Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Radamés Gnattali, João Pernambuco, Laurindo Almeida and others available in several formats (midi, gif, Encore or Finale). Select "Partituras" then "Por Artista"... if you are looking for composer or "Por Música"... if you know the name of the composition (* some scores contain only a melody line and chords).
  • Acari - the first record label exclusively dedicated to Choro, the most important genre of Brazilian instrumental music. The best source - in view of historical research, composers and interpreters, current recordings, scores and much more.
  • Classical Guitar Midi Archives of François Faucher. A wide variety of classical guitar music files including João Pernambuco, Baden Powell, Jorge Cardoso, Ernesto Nazareth, Garoto and Radamés Gnatalli.
  • The Guitar School - Iceland Free Sheet Music for Guitar - The Guitar School - Click Here
  • Brazilian Guitar Workshop of Ahmed El-Salamouny - accomplished interpreter, composer and teacher of brazilian guitar music (based in Germany). A lot of material available for anybody interested in this music genre.
  • Stefano Russo - brazilian guitar music ... from sunny south of Italy! Stefano - guitarist, arranger and composer - makes it clear that brazilian guitar music is his deep passion. Listen to him play and you will want to get your hands on his perfect transcriptions (offered on the site) of the music he so expertly plays.
  • Jarkko Toivonen - a Bossa Nova guitarist from Finland. "When I listened to the Finnish guitarist Jarkko Toivonen for the first time I was impressed about his authentic Brazilian touch and excellent guitar technique. But what surprised me the most was that a musician from Finland who has never visited Brazil could recreate that feeling, rhythm, and life philosophy we call samba and chorinho." -- Toninho Horta,1996
  • David Jerome's - "The Brazilian Guitar of Dilermando Reis" includes fourteen of Dilermando's finest compositions, all appearing for the first time in print. Thirteen are transcriptions from his recordings and one, “Salario Minimo” was never recorded and is based on a manuscript.
(* Disclaimer: We have no editorial influence on the content of the above linked pages and therefore we are not responsible for legality of their content.)
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