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The Complete Laurindo Almeida Anthology of Latin American Guitar Duets Guitar duets arr. by Laurindo Almeida. Includes: Famôso, Turbilhão de Beijos and Cariòca (Ernésto Nazareth), Naquêle Tempo, Carinhoso and Cochichando (Alfredo Vianna Pixinguinha), Lupèrce (Lupèrce Miranda), Chôro (João Pernambuco), Alma Brasiliera and Canhoto-Chôro (Radamés Gnattali), La Cumparsita (Rodriguez)... and more. Mel Bay Publications.
Anthology of Popular Brazilian Music of the 19th Century By Flavio Henrique Medeiros and Carlos Amada. The five composers chosen for inclusion are among the most important of that period: Francesco Manuel de Silva, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Joaquim Callado, Patapio Silva, and Anacleto de Medeiros. Mel Bay Publications.
12 Modinhas Acaso a Campina Serena, Conselhos, Deixa Dália, Flor Mimosa, Eu Tenho no Peito, Mestiça, Quando as Glórias Que Gozei, Que Noites eu Passo, Quem Sabe, Three Airs, Último Adeus do Amor, Vem a Meus Braços (arr. by Barbosa-Lima) GSP
Great arrangements of Dilermando Reis (transcr. Ivan Paschoito) Abismo de rosas (Américo Jacomino-Canhoto), Brejeiro (Ernesto Nazareth), Coral del norte, La despedida (Juan Rodriruez), Rapsódia infantil, Romance de amor (public domain), Sons de carrilhões (João Pernambuco), Suspiro da nega (Nelson Piló).
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The Brazilian Guitar Book . By Nelson Faria. Samba, bossa nova and other brazillian styles. Book and CD.
Brazilian Rhythms for Guitar - sheet music at Brazilian Rhythms for Guitar (Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, Baiao, Frevo) Edited by Carlos Arana. Instructional book and examples CD for guitar solo. 97 pgs
Learn to Play Brazilian Jazz Guitar by David Marshall. Book/CD Set.
Brazilian Jazz Guitar Styles by Carlos Barbosa-Lima and John Griggs. For guitar solo. The enclosed compact disc features Barbosa-Lima's performance of each solo. Book/CD Set.
Brazilian Jazz Guitar - sheet music at www.sheetmusicplus.comBrazilian Jazz Guitar Arr. by Mike Christiansen & John Zaradin. Book/CD Set. 136 pages.
Guitar Atlas: Brazil (Book & Cd) - sheet music at Guitar Atlas: Brazil (Book & Cd) Tango, samba and bossa nova. Book and CD.
Laurindo Almeida Guitar Method - sheet music at Laurindo Almeida Guitar Method A musical approach that allows all learning to be immediately applied to performance. Chord progressions, scales and rhythm patterns are organized by key.

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